Puppy Love Grooming

Common Questions:

Q: Can I stay with my dog?

A: Unfortunately, our Salon is small.  It is safer for your dog Not to see you during            grooming.  
They Love You and want to be with you, but this can be dangerous for your loved fur-baby. We use sharp instruments (scissors...)  We want nothing but Safety for a pleasant experience.

Q: How long does grooming take?

A: We do our Very Best to be done as "comfortably" possible. 

     We "Pamper" your dog. Not "Rush" your dog.  Our appointments are scheduled one dog 

     at a time.  This is why we are so well loved by your pet. 

Q: Does Puppy Love Grooming do Breed Cuts?

‚ÄčA: Yes, I am familiar with most breed cuts.  Most owners choose not to keep standards due      to the high maintenance.

Q: If my dogs hair is matted. Do I need to have him/her shaved?

A: This depends on the severity of the matting.  We will try everything comfortably possible

     for Fido.  If mats are tight, the most comfortable for them is clipping.  We do have

     designated tools to try though.

Q: Can I leave my dog all day with Salon while I'm at work?

A: We suggest NOT doing this.

     1.) We Do Not have regular cages like most Dog Salons.

     2.) We Do Not feel that it is Fair to leave your Fur-Baby without his/hers Mommy/Daddy

           for long periods of time.

     3.) WE DO NOT BOARD...We Groom!